Roy Innella, CFF



I am a native to the Philadelphia western suburbs known as the Mainline. Growing up in Wayne Pennsylvania and never leaving the area I have roots far reaching into the local area both in business and personally. 

Certified Financial Fiduciary

Recently I have become a Certified Financial Fiduciary which is something that I am proud to have accomplished. If you don’t know what a fiduciary is, it is someone who gives advice for a fee who puts his clients interests before his own. Although I am licensed with a series 65 Investment Advisory license and Life Insurance license I felt the obligation to my clients to become educated to a higher standard of Due Care, Loyalty and Good Faith.


I have been in business for over 30 years and have business knowledge both from a formal education at West Chester University of Pennsylvania and the school of hard knocks. I have experience with small micro business to manufacturing with over 50 employees. I am able to share this knowledge with clients because I usually know where practical experience is a priceless asset. I  help you find money in places where you never looked or if you have looked I can help by looking with deeper knowledge and partner affiliations.

Working With CPAs

I used to be a traditional financial advisor but eventually I got burned out of the status quo. Unfortunately there was a lot of deceit and self-serving advice being given. And it didn't make me feel comfortable because that is not who I am. I didn't get into the financial services industry to just make sales. So I took a step back and thought about my options. What I realized was that the best way for me to truly help most people would be to focus on business owners. By helping business owners reduce their expenses, become more efficient, and make better decisions, I could help them create jobs and shape the future of the economy. 

However as I began working with business owners I realized that in order to help them, I would ultimately need their CPA's help as well.

I was initially surprised how many CPA's were unwilling to spend a little more time to significantly help their clients. Slowly I realized the issue was that were just way too busy. So now I focus on helping CPA's in a team based approach with their clients not as a referral source but a true partnership with them. 




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